Getaway donkey

Eee-aww, eee-aww.

“Shush,” Milton said under his breath.

Deon removed his bandanna and hunched down next to Milton. “You think somebody heard?” he said.

Milton looked back towards the store they’d just robbed. “I don’t see any lights coming on.”

“Maybe we got lucky.”

“I told you we shouldn’t have stolen Xavia’s donkey,” Milton said.

“Shush,” Deon said, “you hear that?”

“Hear what? All I hear is this fucking donkey.”

“No, that.”

Milton kept still for a moment. “It’s Fabio.”

“You see if he’s carrying his shotgun?”

“Uh-huh, and I ain’t gonna hang around to find out if he is.”

By Vincent Holland

Inspired by the case of the getaway by donkey –