A fool for a client

James Kurt scratched his head as he watched the jurors stand up and leave the courtroom after it took them less than two hours to find him guilty of carjacking and armed robbery. “I ain’t going to prison,” he said. “You trippin’, that’s all.”

Scott Strauss, the assistant State Attorney, closed his briefcase and looked up for a beat. “You still think you had a better chance of defending yourself than someone from the Public Defenders Office?”

James shrugged and shook his head saying, “Shit man, you just don’t understand the street talk… How we talk back in my neighbourhood.”

By Vincent Holland

Inspired by the case of Kurt James – http://local10.com

Polaroids help convict serial killer

Inspector Faulkner rubbed his hand over his face saying, “Your son gets fifteen years for armed robbery and you’re looking at life for murder.”

Christian was listening but staring at his Polaroids spread across the table.

“Eleven previously unsolved murders now linked to your DNA,” Faulkner said. “If we had never arrested your son, we’d never have found you.” He tapped one of the Polaroids with his finger. “Photographs found hidden in a shoebox under your bed. You want to start naming the corpses?”

Christian shrugged as his lawyer whispered into his ear. He returned a smile but said nothing.

By Vincent Holland

Inspired by the case of Lonnie David Franklin Jr (The Grim Sleeper) – http://en.wikipedia.org