Cross dressing is not the crime

James T.Duke pulled the shotgun out from under his skirt and shoved it into the cashier’s face, saying, “Hand over the cash… Now, move it.”

She emptied the till into a bag and handed it over.

“And the lotion,” he said waving the barrel of the shotgun at her. “Put the fucking lotion in the bag with the cash.”

She hurried and picked up the lotion from the counter.

“In the bag,” he said holding it open. He looked around the store and waited, put the shotgun back under his skirt and walked out eyeing the dress in the window.

By Vincent Holland

Inspired by the case of James T.Duke –

The restauranteur hit man

Brittany Martinez leaned against the counter in her local restaurant.

“Let me get this straight. You want me to kill your husband?” the restauranteur said.

Martinez nodded.

“You appreciate we only cook food?”

“I have cash and a picture of my husband,” she said taking out an envelope from her bag. “I don’t care who kills him, but it’s got to be done today. The cash is from our joint account. If my husband finds it missing, he’ll wanna know where it is.”

The restauranteur shrugged and took the envelope saying, “I can see where that can be kinda awkward.”

By Vincent Holland

Inspired by the case of Brittany Martinez –